Innovative & Sustainable

Chemical and Process Analysis, Design & Synthesis

28th August – 1st September, 2017

About The Worshop

Finding novel and more sustainable production systems is an important step towards addressing the grand challenges of energy, water, environment and food currently faced by modern society. Significantly better and/or new processing routes are needed to, just to name a few, convert available resources to useful products, recycle unused material, and reprocess used material, without negatively impacting sustainability of modern society. The synthesis-design of processing routes is receiving increasing attention, not only due to the scope and significance of the problems that it covers, but also because of its industrial relevance. A processing route is a combination of raw materials, a series of processing steps to convert them, and products which they can be converted to; each processing step has various alternatives in terms of processing technologies, giving rise to a superstructure of alternatives. The synthesis-design problem is formulated as a superstructure optimization problem, solved in 3-stages. Stage-1 is the synthesis stage where a preliminary processing route is identified together with interesting alternatives. Stage-2 is the design-analysis stage where a detailed design is performed on the processing route from stage-1. Analysis of the design is performed to identify process “hot-spots” that help to define targets for improvement. Stage-3 is the innovation stage, where new alternative processing routes that match the targets of improvement are identified, thereby leading to innovative and sustainable process design. A computer-aided flowsheet design tool (ProCAFD), which performs the 3-stages innovative sustainable process synthesis, design and analysis in 12 hierarchical tasks will be used.

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National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (NITT) , is one among the premier Institutions of India and is well known for its high standards in teaching and research. It has been declared as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India under NIT Act. According to the Ministry of Human Resources Development, NIRF 2017, NIT Trichy has been ranked as the 1st NIT among all the NITs and 11th among all the technical institutes in India. The Institute has signed MoUs with various Industries and Institutions both in India as well as in abroad to promote collaborative research and consultancy. It has been awarded the “Best Industry linked National Institute of Technology in India” by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in the year 2015.

Chemical Engineering Department

Established in 1968, the Department of Chemical Engineering, NIT Trichy is regarded as one of the premier centers for Chemical Engineering in India by industries as well as academia. It also has the distinction of being ranked as one of the top seven Chemical Engineering divisions in India. The department has expertise in Process Modeling, Control and Simulation, Advanced Separation Technology, Bio Fuel Cells and Particulate Technology supporting the needs of process industry and development of skilled human resources both at UG and PG/ Research level. The department has facilities for experimental investigation and also has access to commercial software for simulation of process dynamics and analysis.

Workshop Organizer


Dr. J. Sarat Chandra Babu


Dr. Sarat Babu Anne

Dr. V. Ramasagar


294/65 RK Office Park Romklao Rd., Ladkrabang Bangkok, Thailand 10520
Tel: (+66)2-184-9719

Who Should Attend?

  • Process Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Process Technologists
  • R&D Teams, Consultants, Researchers, Chemists
  • Professors/Lecturers, Students working in process synthesis, design and development

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